1.1 What is MOOAR?

MOOAR is a fun place to create and trade NFTs. It is a multi-chain NFT Marketplace available on Solana, Ethereum and Polygon.

MOOAR is developed by FSL.

On MOOAR, users can not only turn their art into an NFT but can also create NFT collections through AIGC technology and launch those collections through FairMint. Users can trade NFTs and receive either FSL Points or MOOAR Box rewards.

1.2 Vision and Mission

MOOAR aims to drastically lower the barrier to entry for creating NFT collections, while making the discovery and trading of NFTs more fun and rewarding.

1.3 Gamification

MOOAR adds gamification to the NFT marketplace, building in a range of features that bring fun and engagement to the NFT space:

  • MOOAR Box

  • Levelable NFT Pet

  • FSL Points

1.4 Fees

  1. Service fee: In order to provide long term sustainability, there is a 2% service fee for trading on MOOAR.

  2. Royalty fee (non-partner collections): Optional royalty.

Royalty fee (MOOAR partners and MOOAR launched Collection): Enforce royalty of 1% or more, unless creators have enforced a higher royalty by contacting the MOOAR team.

1.5 Available chains

  1. Solana

  2. Ethereum

  3. Polygon

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