Launch AIGC NFT Collection

Permission to use

Generative NFT Tool (GNT) is open to all MOOAR Members:

General Members can only generate 1 - 3 preview images without the minting option. Daily max chance is 5.

VIP Members can batch create and submit up to 1,000 NFT collection. Once the collection is completed in generation and prompt result is confirmed, the collection will be open for FairMint to the public. Daily max chance 25.


  • In circumstances of high demand, the collection generation enquiries will be put in a queue, users will be notified of the waiting time.

  • Only 1 collection per day will be eligible for FairMint on MOOAR. All submitted projects will be listed on the FairMint page.



23rd March 2023

GNT Image Generator V1 preview function release

30th March 2023

GNT Image Generator V1 minting function release

6th April 2023

GNT Collection Generator function V1 release

4th May 2023

GNT Image Generator V2 release

Note: This function is exclusive to Solana Chain. During the Alpha testing stage, no GMT is needed to generate NFTs. In the future, GMTs are needed to be burned to generate NFTs.

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