What is a MOOAR Box Season?

Season 1

For Round 1, users can collect 20K Sneaker shards to redeem a STEPN x MOOAR Genesis Sneaker.

Due to market flucutations, the required number of Shards for NFT redemption will be announced before each round based on the NFTs value.

Note: All unopened boxes and NFT shards will expire 2 weeks after the season ends.

Season 2

Season 2 will last for 5 rounds, with each round lasting 1 week. Each round will have a unique rewards pool including STEPN x MOOAR Genesis sneakers, STEPN x adidas Genesis sneakers, and other blue chip NFTs.

MOOAR Boxes will contain round tickets, adidas tickets, or special tickets for partner projects. There are various types of tickets available to users. Trading an NFT on MOOAR may result in round tickets that qualify for round rewards, whilst trading collections with a special label may result in both round tickets and special partner tickets.

Tickets can be traded or recycled. After each round is complete, users who hold tickets will automatically be entered into a raffle. Factors that could enhance a user's odds include locking their STEPN X MOOAR Genesis Sneaker, their MOOAR level and continuous MOOAR+ membership.

To claim the reward, users need to visit the Raffle Mint page. Tickets will expire after each round and cannot be carried over to subsequent rounds.

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