Change Log

9th January, 2023

  1. Removing the Priority Mint for the non-winning projects; instead, we offer projects three tiers of redemption %. The higher a project ranks in the voting period, the higher % of its supply will be automatically raffled among and redeemed by the voters.

  2. Removing the launch threshold of tickets voted reaching more than 50% of the supply for the winning project.

  3. Increase the per person per chain vote amount to 30k.

  4. Increase the upper limit ticket price to 200 GMT.

  5. Allowing builders to offer NFT mint from the same contract in batches.

1st February, 2023

  1. Distinguish General Members and VIP Members of MOOAR. Membership Level is for ALL MOOAR members, whereas VIP Membership Loyalty is only for the subscribed VIP members.

  2. Any user will automatically become a General Member of MOOAR by voting, minting and trading on MOOAR.

  3. ALL Members can mint and buy NFTs on MOOAR for free. VIP Members can sell NFTs on MOOAR for free. General Members can sell on MOOAR with a 2.5% service fee.

  4. VIP Members will receive 2x Points from the trading compared to the General Members.

  5. VIP Members will have an additional 50% chance of winning in the Launchpad Raffle Pool immediately upon subscription.

15th March 2023

  1. Add Overview Page.

  2. Add Generative NFT Tool Page.

  3. Add Tokenomic Page.

  4. Add Other Features Page.

20th March 2023

  1. Add Raffle Mint Page.

  2. Add Milestone section under GNT Page.

23rd March 2023

  1. Update Raffle Mint Page.

24th May 2023

  1. Update Membership & Reward System Page.

27th Nov 2023

  1. Introduce MOOAR BOX System.

  2. Introduce MOOAR+ System.

  3. Introduce new Leveling and Levelable NFT Pet System.

4th Dec 2023

  1. Update Anti-Cheating Page.

12th Dec 2023

  1. Upgrade Anti-Cheating Page to Traffic Light System.

15th Jan 2024

  1. Clarify the Traffic Light System.

  2. Add Support Page.

7th May 2024

  1. Add Season 2 information.

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