Raffle Mint

Raffle Mint is a token-gated way for Web3 projects to give the public a chance to mint their NFT collection. Factors that may affect the winning chance include:

  1. The number of consecutive months that users have been subscribed to MOOAR+.

  2. If users have a higher level.

  3. If users are holding specific NFTs. Owning one NFT adds 50%, every other +25%, up to 150% extra chance to win.

  4. For every locked STEPN X MOOAR Genesis Sneaker, users will receive an added 50% rate-up.

All bonuses above stack, leading to a higher bonus rate to win the Raffle Mint if all the above are fulfilled.

Raffle Mints are governed by:

  1. All Raffle Mints are individual and set to open for a certain period of time with a start and end date. Raffle Mints are daily by default (for more details refer to each auction), every 24 hours, based on UTC time at 00:00 UTC.

  2. GMT that are dedicated to the Raffle Mints are locked and cannot be withdrawn until the end of the event.

  3. An option to automatically participate in all rounds of the Raffle Mints will be available for all users prior to participation.

  4. Winners are to claim the purchase of their respective NFT. All NFT purchases are available for claim within the day (separate notice will be made if any inconveniences arise)

  5. Locked GMT will be unlocked after the end of every event. Balances are available for withdrawals, but also for participating in future Raffle Mints.

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